Self-Identity and Gender Equality

Talk Time Evals & Therapy is the place where you can always feel free to be your authentic self. Social expectations and pressures can lead to higher levels of depression, anxiety or even substance dependence.  Despite the many strides our communities and families make towards supporting our freedom to live, love, and express ourselves; oppression, discrimination, and marginalization still exist. Coping with the feelings left behind after a situation or a lifetime of suppression can be overwhelming to handle alone. Sorting out your feelings while expressing your concerns and frustrations in a safe space can be extremely helpful. The LGBTQIA+ community can expect to be celebrated at Talk Time Evals & Therapy. 

The following are a few helpful points for our families, friends, and allies:   

  • Educate yourself about our LGBTQIA+ community by reading books, attending conferences, or even consulting with experts.  
  • Know that there is no one way to look at anyone; all people have membership in various sociocultural identity groups, including you.   
  • Get in the habit of asking people what their names and pronouns are; don't make assumptions. 
  • Keep the lines of communication open with all people in your life.
  • Seek support in dealing with your feelings; you are not alone. Support groups for family, friends, and significant others can be useful. 
  • Advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, including social and economic justice. Familiarize yourself with the local/state laws that protect people. 
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